Hey, family child care provider,
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with the power of voice

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Southwestern Pennsylvania UpPrize Pilot Cohort

C.C. Busy is launching a cohort for family and group child care providers to pilot our software for three months.

We will provide the selected child care providers with a subscription to our software including a complimentary Amazon Alexa Echo Dot and 6 hours of PQAS training.

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C.C. Busy Makes Managing Paperwork Easier


Save Time

Who has time for all that paperwork? Why push through paperwork during nap or once the children are gone. Just talk away to document each child's day.


Focus on Kids

Keep your eyes on the children. When your voice does the work, you don't need to look at a form or at a screen to track what a child does. Just tell C.C. Busy!


Comply Easily

If the state wants you to track it, just talk to C.C. Busy! Attendance, diapering, meals, snacks and naps all just logged in the our secure servers in the cloud!


Engage Parents

A quick check of their phone and they can see everything you've logged on C.C. Busy. Everything you want to share is at your parents' fingertips with C.C. Busy.

C.C. Busy Creates Reports You Need


C.C. Busy is developing the capability to automate your invoices with the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) in Pennsylvania.


C.C. Busy is developing reports for Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) using the data you speak to the voice assistants.

New Tech Makes Your Work Easier

Voice Assistants

Talk to C.C. Busy. It's just that simple.

Secure Cloud Storage

C.C. Busy stores your records and manages your families.

Mobile Access Anywhere

C.C. Busy helps put information at parents' & guardians' fingertips.

Experts Applaud C.C. Busy

"Family child care providers deliver so much value to their communities. They deserve a tool like C.C. Busy that makes everything easier."

- Michelle F.
Early Education Advocate
Pittsburgh, PA